A Fire Department Inventory Management System 

about inventorous

Inventorous is an online database for fire department personnel to keep track of inventory and monthly equipment inspections. Features include the ability to manage fire department members, view records, add or update inventory counts, log equipment malfunctions and damage, and record dates of inspections.


Right now, Inventorous is in its testing and beta phase. We created Inventorous as a Capstone project and to help small, local fire departments manage their inventory more easily. You can take advantage of our services for free right now

Inventorous was created and is managed by two Computer Science students at Appalachian State University. Because we are busy students, We do not currently have online chat support or phone support, but the contact form on our website sends your questions and comments directly to both of our emails. We will do our best to respond to within 1 business day, likely sooner.

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